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Lights’ Little Machines fan art

Watch me draw it here

Here is my (deviantart)

Please credit if reposted anywhere :)

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Hello! I'm sorry, I like your Katja fanart but I wanted to let you know that one would rather say "Niemand mehr" in this context and also "Ich verspreche es". with out the "es", the sentence is incomplete. Sorry sorry sorry, I love the art but German is a friggin complicated language.
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Oh thank you, haha. My apologies, my German is pretty bad (I ended up checking with Google translate and hoped for the best lol)

Not much I can do about the picture, now that people reblogged it, but thank you for the heads up! I’ll try to get a person to translate next time :) Also added that it’s incorrect in the description.

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Sin City inspired sketch of Katja & Aryanna, based on the tags in this post

(sorry, the correct translation is “Niemand mehr. Ich verspreche es.”)

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how it feels to draw sometimes

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After her return from Davy Jones’ Locker, Beth Childs sails the seven seas, in search for her clones.

(despite being a pirate, she is not interested in booty)

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More OB pirates please! :D
theenemysgateisdown asked

There will definitely be more! :D Thank you for the support~

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Pirate Beth

Pirate Rachel

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Pirate Rachel

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